Best Advice: Find the Pony in the Pitch


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We have all been there – the meeting where someone is presenting a new idea, venture or project to a group. Every day, around the world, these moments of earnest communication provide opportunities for business people to be right, wrong, helpful, indifferent or downright obstructionist.

Early in my career, as a summer associate (intern) at Venture Law Group (VLG), a Silicon Valley start up law firm, I was fortunate to have a great mentor. While I was still not even out of law school, VLG founder Craig Johnson let me tag along with him to board meetings and client pitches. I had little perspective at the time, being so inexperienced, but, a few of these tiny companies became enormous businesses, while many more of them eventually failed. Regardless of their ultimate economic value, however, almost all of these startups helped to expand progress and knowledge in their fields, from Internet to medical devices to optical networking.

After one particularly rough session to discuss a potential relationship with our firm, when the entrepreneurs had been peppered with pessimistic feedback, Craig told me…

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