Tabloid Denies Cheeky Touch-Up of Royal Baby


474094423Prince George, son of William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, puts other babies to shame in both wealth and cheek-chubbiness. Whenever he’s on the cover of a magazine or makes a TV appearance you just want to pinch those chubby cheeks like grandma on your birthday after three gin & tonics.

And yet, as cute and adorable as Prince George appears it seems to some folks the kid could still use a little more adorableness – that is if you believe the allegations against US Weekly. That gossipy tabloid was accused of “heir-brushing” the Royal Baby’s hair, eyebrows, skin tone and cheeks. Not satisfied with his royal cuteness, the tabloid allegedly changed Baby George from a pale British tot to a spray-tanned Hollywood star. All he needed was dark shades and some baby bling!

What’s funny about this Photoshop controversy is that the tabloid denies any wrong-doing and told TODAY, “the original image needed standard color adjustments in order to be printed” and they did nothing to alter the babe’s features. But some folks got very angry at the possibility that the magazine could dare to touch-up a baby. Sacrilege!

In this day and age, where the President of the United States now and then enjoys taking a selfie and millions of us post pics of our most embarrassing moments on Facebook and Instagram, getting all worked up over touching up a baby pic seems so 1980s. I’m sure you’d agree, we’ve all seen a few baby pics that could benefit from a little Photoshop nip and tuck. If it’s good enough for Beyonce and Kim Kardashian, why can’t it be tip-top for a Royal Baby?

“The original image used for the Prince George cover was dark and bluish in tone and needed to be given an overall color shift for printing purposes,” US Weekly claimed. “By no means did we go in and alter the color of his eyes or cheeks in this process.”

Okay, so maybe it’s normal to turn Royal George into “Boy George,” but the Royal Baby is only 9 months-old and it does seem a little tacky. Unfortunately, Kate and William better face the truth. This is just the beginning of a wild buggy ride for Prince George who has already become a media darling. Soon, the little prince, who has already brought “that cool baby thing” to the crusty old Royal family will have his image on everything from juice boxes to potty chairs: “Give your child a royal throne just like the one used by little Prince George!”

And even though he’s still in diapers, it looks like the Royal Baby will need a publicist, someone to handle the movie offers and be there when the press swarms the palace after his first picture book “Baby Talk with the Queen” is released. Then there’s the new toddler clothing line and before you can say Buckingham Palace, Baby George has his own reality show: “Bonnie Prince George: Teething, Tricycles and Tantrums.”

Let’s hope the Duke and Duchess keep an eye on George’s celebrity and don’t let it run amok. For now, one Honey Boo-Boo is about all the celebrity cuteness we can take without begging for mercy.

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